Use lighting to change a room’s ambience

Often in a home you’ll want to change the atmosphere depending on your mood and what you’re using the room for. This is easy to achieve by ensuring you have a choice of lighting options available that can be both functional and atmospheric. All lighting works in different ways depending on if you need a practical, relaxing or romantic form. By looking at how you view lighting and what functions a room has, you’ll ensure that you choose the right pieces for your home.

Family space

Family homes now need to cater for a wide range of needs. With open plan living space becoming more popular, property owners are looking at removing dining rooms and kitchens to create a home that works for them. This is resulting in rooms that have multiple purposes, which means the lighting can have a big role to play in ensuring that everyone is happy with how the space has been designed.

Kitchens are often now at the heart of the home, providing space for everyone to gather at the end of the day. If this is an area that has space for relaxing on reproduction designer furniture and entertaining as well, it can be more appropriate for modern homes. Renovating the kitchen space can add 4.5% to the value of the home, as buyers look for functional and creative spaces.

In these instances, the choice of lighting can help the room to work for your needs. Practical lighting, for cooking and working, can come in the form of ceiling lights. These are more useful if there are positional fittings that can be directed at key points in the room. It’s also beneficial to have a softer form of lighting for watching television, eating and entertaining, such as a designer pendant hanging over the table or installing dimmer switches.

Dining Rooms

Relaxing bedrooms

The bedroom is another part of the house where it’s ideal to have a range of lighting options. First, you’ll need practical lighting for getting dressed and applying make-up. This could be achieved through a stunning table lamp positioned on the dressing table or by installing lighting above or around the mirror.

Many people now see their bedroom as a place they can escape to and relax after a hard day, rather than just for sleeping in. This requires a warmer and softer lighting, which will help to soothe you and allow you to chill out. A form of directional lighting, either on a table or attached to the wall, is ideal for those who enjoying reading in bed. However, to stop it distracting your TV viewing or when you’re just relaxing, softer table lamps with colored bulbs or dimmable ceiling lights would be the preferred choice.

When you’re redesigning your living space or bedroom, spend some time considering the lighting options. By doing so you could easily transform the room and mean you’ll get more use from it.

Relaxing Bedrooms

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